Femme Fatale 1
This one was a hard one to categorize, it just as easily could have fallen under BDSM because there are (and will be) elements of dominance and submission. But it originated as a non-consent story so that is where I decided to file it. Enjoy!

Scared In The City
May be the theory that women enjoy rape fantasizes because it allows them to explore their sexuality without taking responsibility is true. Personally, I think that's a bunch of bullshit. I enjoy rape fantasizes because they are the ultimate in powerlessness. This is one of my favorites, written for your reading pleasure.

The Intruder
Is it really rape if you enjoy it? Rape has always been about power and personally I enjoy the loss of control so it's only natural that some of my favorite fantasies are about nonconsensual sex. (This is definitely not a story for feminists.)